RED's Jarred Land New Camera Teaser


Well that was fast.  Hot on the heels of major IBC 2015 announcements, RED's Jarred Land took to Facebook to announce . . . something.  While obvious speculation points to a new prosumer level camera—mostly the result of a curiously titled hashtag "#4K4ALL"—it is still unclear what Jared is specifically alluding to.


RED also made public announcements concerning new "Standard" OLPF options for WEAPON and previous DSMC camera systems as well as a new feature that will enable real-time monitoring of HDR footage captured on the WEAPON.  But the ambiguously hashtagged Facebook post is what takes the cake.

Comparing the RED Standard OLPF against the previous Low Light Optimized and Skin Tone Highlight OLPFs.  Image courtesy

Another comparison of RED OLPFs, this time without False Color view.

While Sony, Arri, Blackmagic Design, AJA, Kinefinity, and others are marching their own 4K acquisition methods to the consumer markets, RED has been stern in their approach to serving the professional market exclusively.  Perhaps competition is leading them towards a mass-market offering, or perhaps a surplus of less-expensive parts is leading them toward new technological innovations.  In any case, we seem to have plenty to look forward to from the venerable Hollywood cinematic powerhouse.


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Anthony J